Added on 2/16/2022

Game 2 of the final starts - Photo by the official website Unexpectedly, today Aronian and Nakamura played an uneventful draw. The opening was Giuoco Pianissimo. The Italian here plays with a musical term: "Pianissimo," which means very quiet. And that was it. Neither player tried to do anything hazardous, and the game faded off quickly, to finish at move 29, with the engines indicating "0.00".  


 FINAL Game 1 Game 2 TB Levon Aronian 1/2 1/2   Hikaru Nakamura 1/2 1/2  

After the game, Nakamura looked very relaxed during the interview. He said he would get back home when the 1st leg of the GP is over (i.e., tomorrow) because he has a real job to attend to. It's funny to hear Hikaru hinting he's not a professional chess player anymore, yet seeing him play the final of a very strong event.


Photo by the official website Tomorrow, at 9 AM EST, the tie breaks to decide the winner. Levon and Hikaru will play a Rapid mini-match of two games with time control 15+10. If still tied after the Rapids, they'll play a Blitz mini-match of two games with time control 3+2. If still tied after the Blitz games, there will be Armageddon: white starts with 5 minutes on the clock, black with 4. No increment. Black gets draw odds. ICC will relay the games, and you can watch them on our Twitch and YouTube channels.