Added on 6/10/2021

Here we come to the latest match for the title of the world champion in chess. It was a very close contest and also a powerful encounter. Champion Carlsen was first on the FIDE rating list with a stellar rating of 2835, and Caruana was 2nd with 2832! It was a very close match, and it was the first time in history that 2 players rated above 2800 played for the world title! Again, it was a 12 games match; it was played from 9th till 28th of November 2018, in London. Caruana won the Candidates Tournament earlier that year, scoring a fantastic 9 points out of 14 games. For the first time in chess history, we have seen a match where all games ended in a draw! After 12 draws, they had to play a tie-break, which Carlsen won convincingly 3-0! But it is still unclear why Carlsen made a draw in the last game, in a position where he was better. He had the advantage, and I remember several top GMs who said that black (Carlsen was black in that game) could have continued without any risk and excellent winning chances. Anyway, Carlsen explained that he was convinced that his rapid play is better, and he proved that in the tie-break. It was a tough match, and Carlsen somehow defended his title against the strongest GM from the USA. And, what is next, you might ask? Well, now we are waiting for the next match, which comes this November again. Nepomniatchi, the top GM from Russia, won the Candidates Tournament (which was played,  because of the whole situation in the world, in 2020-2021). So, we just have to wait now and guess who has better chances in the coming Carlsen – Nepo clash for the world title! They are well-matched, and they are the same age – 30 years old. Carlsen has 2847 Elo, and Nepo is “only” No. 4 in the world with “only” 2792! I think we can expect an exciting match and a big fight! And, maybe some new videos about it by me…Who knows?