Added on 3/12/2022

The first game of the final match between Russia Dmitry Andreikin and Hungary Richard Rapport was an uneventful draw. In a Four Knights game, the players hurriedly exchanged almost every piece on the board. By move 16, on the board there was a totally drawn position: Rapport and Andreikin kept playing, but it was hard to find any "trick" here to get an advantage. Andreikin fell into deep thinking, probably trying to find a way to make things more difficult to Rapport, but to no avail. At move 37, with the engine eval that never changed from the canonic 0.00, the two finalists agreed on the draw.  

 Semifinals Game 1 Game 2 TB Points Dmitry Andreikin 1/2     0.5 Richard Rapport 1/2     0.5  

Tomorrow, March the 13th, Rapport plays with white in the second game of the final. Play starts at 9 AM EST - 15:00 Belgrade (CET) - 14:00 UTC.