Added on 3/11/2022

The second semifinalist is Dmitry Andreikin.

GM Dmitry Andreikin - Photo credit: Mark Livshitz/FIDE It took two rapid games for the Russian to defeat the favorite Anish Giri. The first game seemed to favor Giri with Black, but the players agree to a rather early draw by repetition. The Dutch grandmaster's advantage wasn't huge but looked worth a try. On the other hand, in a Rapid game, there is no time to assess the position carefully, and Giri decided that a draw was alright with black.


The second game, in the true spirit of rapid chess, was a rollercoaster. Evaluation kept going up and down, with the players blundering and playing brilliant moves all the way along. In the end, Andreikin prevailed, playing - despite the clock being on seconds - a pragmatic and efficient endgame.  


Tomorrow, March the 12th, back to regular time control for Game 1 of the final: Richard Rapport vs. Dmitry Andreikin. Play starts at 9 AM EST - 15:00 Belgrade (CET) - 14:00 UTC