Added on 4/2/2022

As you surely know, Wesley So and Hikaru Nakamura are the two finalists of the 3rd FIDE Grand Prix 2022. GM Joel Benjamin's video recap shows how the two talents got there, disputing the final win of the tournament. Photo credit: Niki Riga The first game was not exciting, as the two players decided not to risk anything, and it ended in a peaceful draw after just 70 minutes of play.  

Finals G1 G2 R1 R2 B1 B2 Armageddon PTS Nakamura 1/2             0.5 So 1/2             0.5  

Tomorrow, Sunday, April the 3rd, at 9 AM EDT - 15:00 Berlin (CEST) - 13:00 UTC, the second classic game of the finals. Don't miss it!