Added on 4/3/2022

30 minutes, 14 moves. The infamous draw line of the Berlin (Qe4-Qe6) hit once again, and we're here with nothing to say about today's game. Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So deliberately chose to go to the rapid/blitz tiebreaks to decide who's the winner of the 3rd and last leg for the FIDE Grand Prix. Both players are extremely strong at rapid, though it's undeniable that Nakamura is the strongest in the world, at least at the moment. As for the Blitz, Nakamura is known for being the strongest (ever?). Wesley today played with the black pieces, and probably he didn't want to risk anything against an on-form Hikaru, who went for the well-known Berlin draw.  

Finals G1 G2 R1 R2 B1 B2 Armageddon PTS Nakamura 1/2 1/2           1.0 So 1/2 1/2           1.0  

Tomorrow we will know the winner. Tiebreaks start at 9 AM EDT - 15:00 Berlin (CEST) - 13:00 UTC.