Added on 3/29/2022

Today the other two semifinalists were decided, in the tiebreaks. Wesley So needed two rapid games to advance. Wesley won the first game and was actually losing the second one when Sam Shankland agreed to a draw. It's Rapid play, then it's easy for us sitting with an engine and scream "c'mon Sam, you were winning!". But the position didn't look so easy, and the clock was running down.

 Pool B Tiebreaks R1 R2 PTS Wesley So 1 1/2 1.5 Shankland 0 1/2 0.5  


Mamedyarov had to fight much more to win his tiebreak. The Azeri won the first game against Keymer, but the German bounced back, and the two had to play two Blitz games. Mamedyarov showed all his talent, winning both of the games! A thrilling tiebreak, with no draws.

 Pool C Tiebreaks R1 R2 B1 B2 PTS Mamedyarov 1 0 1 1 3.0 Keymer 0 1 0 0 1.0  




Tomorrow, March 30, at 9 AM EDT - 15:00 Berlin (CEST), 13:00 UTC, we're back to classical Time control for the first game of the Semifinals. Nakamura vs. Mamedyarov and Wesley So vs. Tabatabaei.