Added on 11/15/2020

The Continental Chess Association (CCA) in partnership with the Internet Chess Club (ICC) is excited to announce the 51st ANNUAL NATIONAL CHESS CONGRESS, $20,000 IN PRIZES, to be held November 27 to 29 on the ICC.

This mega tournament has a guaranteed prize fund of $20,000 USD. 

The time control for this event is Game 75 + 10 seconds increment. Nine (9) rounds, played over three days. SCHEDULE Friday, November 27th Saturday, November 28th Sunday, November 29th GAMES START AT 11 AM EST

EST: 11 AM, 2:45 PM & 6:30 PM (GMT - 5) CST: 10 AM, 1:45 PM & 5:30 PM (GMT - 6) MST: 9 AM, 12:45 PM & 4:30 PM (GMT - 7) PST: 8 AM, 11:45AM  & 3:30 PM (GMT - 8) Europe (Paris Time): 5 PM, 8:45 PM, 12:30 AM  

This tournament is a US Chess Online Regular rated event. OTB Ratings will not be affected. US Chess has affordable memberships for both US and foreign players. Plus, GM's have FREE entry!

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