Added on 2/13/2016

The 5th Zurich Chess Challenge start on February the 13th, at 9AM EST - 15:00 CET. There has been a lot of talk about the new time control, which is 40+10 for the "classical" games, setting a precedent for what many see as the future of chess. IM Greg Shahade started the fireworks over the net publishing - on his blog - a controversial statement titled "Slow Chess Should Die a Fast Death", in which he affirms that longer time control should just disappear form the chess scene. His post unleashed a mass of passionate replies, generating an important and very interesting debate on this delicate subject. Our GM Alex Yermolinsky, in his latest live show, talks about what he sees as the most probable scenario in chess, time control-wise.   Problem is that in the era of the Internet, in which people want it quick and all, a slow chess game is hard to sell in the show biz. Shorter time control could actually improve the show, though the "classicists" argue that the quality of play would decrease dramatically. Two good points, that make the debate lively and interesting. The Zurich Chess Challenge organizers decided to push the shorter time control to give their event a new shape, projecting it into what they see as the future of chess. This year the field is again very strong, with Hikaru Nakamura defending his crown. And, with shorter time control, the American blitz wizard is again the favorite. ICC will relay the games LIVE.