Added on 4/8/2013

The incredible FIDE Candidates Tournament is just over, but there is no rest for us chess fans. April the 21st some of the strongest players in the world will meet again in Paris, France, for the first part of the Alekhine Memorial. World Champion Vishy Anand, former WC Vladimir Kramnik, the uber-strong Armenian Levon Aronian, Russian Peter Svidler, who was able to finish third only half a point behind Carlsen and Kramnik at the FIDe Candidates - together with Aronian, English GM Michael Adams, Israeli GM Boris Gelfand, French Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Laurent Fressinet, Russian strong GM Nikita Vitiugov and Ding Liren, from China, will play this strong super-tournament. It is a Round Robin with 10 players, thus 9 rounds. The first 5 rounds will be played in Paris, France, from April 21st to the 25th. The remaining 4 rounds in S. Petersburg, Russia, from Aprile the 28th to May the 1st. ICC covers this event with Radio LIVE Broadcast, online TRIVIA and the Game Of the Day videos. Our Team of commentators will get on the air one hour after start time. Games start at 08:00am ICC time in Paris and at 6am ICC Time in S. Petersburg. We will get on the air at 9am for the first part of the tournament and at 7am for the second part. LAST ROUND starts at 5am ICC time; we will be on the air at 6am.

Congratulations to GM Levon Aronian!

Game Of the Day


1 Apr. 21   GM Lars Bo Hansen   DonCorleone 2 Apr. 22   GM Joel Benjamin   MrHat 3 Apr. 23   GM Miguel Illescas   Illescas 4 Apr. 24   GM John Fedorowicz   bronxbattler 5 Apr. 25   GM Varuzhan Akobian   SCORPION83 6 Apr. 28   GM Jonathan Speelman   SCORPION83 7 Apr. 29   GM David Smerdon   smurfo 8 Apr. 30   GM Ronen Har-Zvi   Indiana-Jones 9 May 01   GM Varuzhan Akobian   SCORPION83 Participants


1 Viswanathan Anand 2783 India 2 Levon Aronian 2809 Armenia 3 Vladimir Kramnik 2801 Russia 4 Peter Svidler 2747 Russia 5 Boris Gelfand 2739 Israel 6 Michael Adams 2727 England 7 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 2722 France 8 Nikita Vitiugov 2712 Russia 9 Ding Liren 2707 China 10 Laurent Fressinet 2706 France


Radio Broadcast Schedule


1 April 21, 9am Alex Yermolinsky Lars Bo Hansen 2 April 22, 9am Larry Christiansen Joel Benjamin 3 April 23, 9am Amador Rodriguez Miguel Illescas 4 April 24, 9am Ronen Har-Zvi John Fedorowicz 5 April 25, 9am Gawain Jones Varuzhan Akobian 6 April 28, 7am Mark Crowther Jonathan Speelman 7 April 29, 7am  Ben Finegold David Smerdon 8 April 30, 7am Boris Alterman Ronen Har-Zvi 9 May    1, 6am Lars Bo Hansen Varuzhan Akobian


TRIVIA winners 1 Hyrde CrazyIvan Holgate 2 swindle powerpawn aptchess 3 Activekids Mr-G Guryon 4 Abel HungarianChess arizona 5 TOROARTS powerpawn Woodstorm57 6 marckun Activekids Durashmar 7 TremblingMouse Faras allBlax 8 DeepGeek moschi Tom 9 Mataleo caglar FLEXappeal