Added on 2/7/2013

From February 7-17 in Baden-Baden, Germany takes place a strong 6-players tournament.The GRENKE Chess Classic this year presents an interesting line-up, with Anand, Caruana, Adams, Naiditsch, Fridman and Meier. ICC will relay the games live, and have a daily video-recap brought to you by GM Alex Yermolinsky. After the third round, Fabiano "Fab" Caruana leads solo, with 2.5 points. The young peripatetic Italian stud beat the strong German GM Arkadij Naiditsch; Fabiano drew the World Champion in Round 2 and defeated GM Meier in the first. Now Caruana leads by one full point, with the howling pack ready to catch the Italian champion! In round 4 Arkadij Naiditsch won his game against his fellow countryman Meier, while Anand and Caruana drew their games. Arkadij now is only 0.5 behind the leader Caruana, and the tournament gets to be very interesting. Round 5 saw World Champion Vishy Anand's first win in the tournament! the Champion beat Naiditsch, and took his place as the sole second now, only half a point behind Fab Caruana, who drew his game vs. Fridman.  After the only rest day, in round 6 German GM Arkadij Naiditsch won again - against GM Fridman - to grab second place. Now Naiditsch and Anand share second half a point behind Caruana.  In round 7 Meier won his game against Fridman. "he "top guns" drew, leaving the situation unchanged in the upper part of the standings.. In round 8 Fabiano Caruana wins his game agains Naiditsch and now leads by a full point, ahead of the World Champion Vishy Anand. With two rounds to go and the direct clash over (draw), with today's win Fabiano stacked a serious claim on the title.  ... and in round 9 , REVOLUTION! World Champion Vishy Anand wins his game and Fabiano Caruana loses with Adams. When the tournament seemed to be over, now with ONE round to go, Anand and Caruana tie for first! Tomorrow at 7am EST last round. Anand! the World Champion wins the GRENKE CHESS CLASSIC tournament, with a final strike. In round 10 Caruana cannot win his game, whereas the World Champion defeats Naiditsch, to grab the title. Well done!  Here is the final standings.  

Pos. Pts. Name Fed. Rating 1 6.5 Viswanathan Anand IND 2780 2 6.0 Fabiano Caruana ITA 2757 3-4 5.0 Michael Adams ENG 2725     Georg Meier GER 2640 5 4.0 Arkadij Naiditsch GER 2716 6 3.5 Daniel Fridman GER 2667 Daily Highlights


1 Feb. 7   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 2 Feb. 8   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 3 Feb. 9   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 4 Feb. 10   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 5 Feb. 11   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 6 Feb. 13   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 7 Feb. 14   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 8 Feb. 15   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 9 Feb. 16   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 10 Feb. 17   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere