Added on 5/28/2015

Here you find all the videos ICC has published so far of the LIVE events Banter  Blitz and SimulMaster.  


GM John Fedorowicz plays a simul against 20 players and commentates LIVE on his games!


GM Joel Benjamin plays Banter Blitz with ICC members and commentates LIVE on his games!


IM Christof "Chessexplained" Sielecki plays a simul with 20 players and commentates LIVE on his games!


Today Max decided to play in "defensive mode", trying to set up solid positions and attacking only when it was unavoidable.  Watch the video to see how it went!


Let's see if Joel can go for the third wipe-out in a row, with 15 wins in his Banter blitz monthly event!


GM Fedorowicz plays a simul on 20 boards, and commentates live on his games! An excellent simul this month for GM Fedorowicz, with an impressive result and  the usual fantastic commentary.


Special edition of Dlugy's Banter Blitz: Max sacrifices a pawn in all his games, in honor of the movie that will come out in September "Pawn Sacrifice"! -- And guess what? Well, watch the video to know what happened!


Christof "Chessexplained" Sielecki plays a simul on ICC against 20 players. Watch the video to enjoy his interesting commentary!


Our uber-strong GM plays again ICC members, and commentates LIVE on his games.


A super Joel today played his banter blitz session with the usual aplomb, giving a headache to all his opponents! It's slways amazing to listen to his live comments, analysis of the positions, opening and endgames (when his opponent can make it there!) and, of course his banter.


ICCers were able to give David a rough time in this Banter Blitz session, playing well and focused. Watch the video to see how even a GM can find himself in trouble, especially when he has to talk while playing!


Tough simul this month for John. He lost connection for a while, and when he was able to get back he found himself short on time in most of the boards. But as always, he managed to play good games, and to entertain the kibitzers with his impressive and non-stop commentary!


GM Max Dlugy plays 15 Blitz games and commentates LIVE on his games. This time Dlugy had not the usual "slaughter mode on"! Check out the video to see how ICCers have been able to keep the super-strong GM worried :-)


GM Joel Benjamin plays ICC members in "Banter Blitz". Joel commentates LIVE on his games. Don't miss this interesting and instructive video!

04/16/2015 GM Smerdon plays ICC members in his Banter Blitz session. Don't miss his comments, analysis and story-telling during the games! It's pure fun for chess lovers!


IM Christof "Chessexplained" Sielecki plays a simul on ICC and commentates live on the games. After his first simul, in which he scored an impressive 19.5/20, this time Christof has had a rough time, with a lot of strong players ready to make his life hard :) Don't miss the comments and the analysis!    

04/05/2015 GM Fedorowicz plays 20 ICCers and commentates LIVE on his games! Despite an annoying allergy, John managed to play a good simul tonight. His comments are - as usual - interesting and encouraging to the players who challenged him in the Simultaneous Exhibition.  



GM Smerdon plays 15 games with time control 3+2 and commentates LIVE while playing. David is usually almost unbeatable, but tonight some players gave him a hard time! Don't miss this fun to watch video!

03/20/2015 First simul in ICC for IM Sielecki, and he was able to go undefeated! Christof allowed only one draw, winning the rest of the games. It's interesting to follow his train of thoughts while he goes from board to board, reorganizing his plans and strategy.

03/16/2015 The unbeatable GM Max Dlugy plays another Banter Blitz session - 15 games of pure entertainment! Don't miss his witty comments and, of course, the bantering!

03/07/2015 Today john was in good form, and his explanation of the games, on which he commentated LIVE, was interesting and formative. John lost only one game! Don't miss this live chess lesson, and the amazing commentary.  

02/25/2015 GM Joel Benjamin plays Blitz with ICC members. It's amazing to see how Joel commentates LIVE on the games he's playing. Joel is a renowned coach, and his insights are very interesting. These videos of the Banter Blitz in ICC series are fun to watch as well as instructive for any player.

02/18/2015 GM Dlugy is a very strong Blitz player, and his rating in ICC is 3100+, comparable with that of many super GMs who play in there. Max plays 15 games with time control 3+2 in this session, and - obviously - he destroys pretty much everyone.  Don't miss the Banter, with Max "teasing" his opponents, but also his LIVE analysis!  



What does a GM think, while playing? And, most importantly, HOW does he think about the games? Watch this interesting video to learn!

02/11/2015 IM Christof "Chessexplained" Sielecki plays Blitz with ICC members. This is the whole video with the Banter Blitz session.