Added on 1/28/2017

On January the 29th, at 3 pm EST - 21:00 CET, two well-known YouTubers and chess players will participate in a Blitz Challenge, broadcasted LIVE on ICCTV!             Christof                                             Tryfon IM Christof Sielecki and CM Tryfon Gavriel will battle over the board. The match will be played over 10 games, of which 5 games with time control 5 0 and 5 games with time control 3 0. In the case of a tie, the players will play an Armageddon game, to decide who's the winner. Ronen Special guest is GM Ronen Har-Zvi, who will commentate on the games! Ronen is one of the most loved and appreciated ICC's commentators and content-providers, and his witty way to commentate will make the match an unmissable event. International Master Christof Sielecki from Germany, a full-time chess teacher and an active Youtuber, is also a content provider for the Internet Chess Club. IM Sielecki has realized for the ICC a video series in German, and at the moment he's working on a new amazing series in English. The German IM has his own weekly show on ICC TV, "An Hour of chess… explained!", followed by hundreds of chess-lovers. Christof is a pragmatic player, not easy to defeat, and a fine connoisseur of the opening theory. Candidate Master Tryfon Gavriel from England is one of the most followed chess players on YouTube. He loves to play chess and commentate live on his games. Tryfon has his own weekly show on ICC TV, "Let's Crush the Kings!". Tryfon is followed by many chess aficionados, who enjoy his way to approach the game, always with a good spirit. Kingscrusher is quite good at chess, especially at fast time control games and, although he considers himself the underdog in the match, it won't be a walk in the park for the German IM! Don't miss the fun!