Added on 7/30/2012

With Dortmund just finished, we're going to cover the 45th Biel Chess Festival, starting July the 23rd at 8am ICC time. Numero Uno Magnus Carlsen leads the group of amazingly strong players, that makes this event one of the most interesting of the year! American hero Hikaru Nakamura, Russian Alexander Morozevich , Chinese Wang Hao, French Etienne Bacrot and Dutchman Anish Giri will challenge the Norwegian chess genius in an amazing double round robin 10-rounds tournament. ICC will have Chess.FM on the air with its dream team of commentators, to share with YOU the thrill and the fun during the whole tournament! We will have the usual online trivia contests  where ICC members can win extension to their account, and the Game Of the Day main trivia contest, with one lucky ICC member who will win a 1-year subscription to the best Chess Magazine out there: New in Chess!  


Final standings after Round 10     1  19.0  GM Hao Wang            CHN 2739       2  18.0  GM Magnus Carlsen      NOR 2837     3-4  16.0  GM Hikaru Nakamura     USA 2778             GM Anish Giri          NED 2696       5   7.0  GM Etienne Bacrot      FRA 2713      6   4.0  GM Viktor Bologan      MDA 2732



Game of the Day Round Date Host Game Preview Members 10 Aug 02 GM David Smerdon smurfo

GM Wang Hao GM Anish Giri

9 Aug 01 GM Larry Christiansen LarryC

GM Viktor Bologan GM Wang Hao

8 July 31 GM Alex Yermolinsky Sweeere

GM Hikaru Nakamura GM Wang Hao

7 July 30 GM David Smerdon smurfo

GM Wang Hao GM Magnus Carlsen

6 July 28 GM Alex Yermolinsky Sweeere

GM Anish Giri GM Viktor Bologan

5 July 27 GM Var Akobian "SCORPION83"

GM Hikaru Nakamura GM Etienne Bacrot

4 July 26 GM Larry Christiansen LarryC

GM Anish Giri GM Wang Hao

3 July 25 GM Var Akobian "SCORPION83"

GM Wang Hao GM Anish Giri

2 July 24 GM Joel Benjamin MrHat

GM Magnus Carlsen GM Wang Hao

1 July 23 GM Var Akobian "SCORPION83"

GM Wang Hao GM Anish Giri

  Trivia Biel'12 ICC 1 month ICC 3 months NIC subscription Round 1 Corocotta izit


Round 2 moschi SaltofLife


Round 3 Kueh moschi


Round 4 agent-n053 agent-n053


Round 5 Abel Denethor


Round 6 Jonmeista agent-n053


Round 7 WidowTwanky Jack-Oneill


Round 8 Deadcatbouncer frank001


Round 9 taneli mathman


Round 10 Tom ActiveKids


 Game of the Day Trivia! ICC presents the daily trivia contests, where each day an ICC member will win 1 and 3 month membership extensions.  'New in Chess' TRIVIA! ICC and New in Chess present The New in Chess' Trivia Contest, where each day an ICC member will win a 1 year subscription to NIC!