Added on 7/23/2016

GM John Fedorowicz video recap 

Well, we all knew that today, after that yesterday Magnus secured the victory of the Bilbao Masters Final, was going to be a peaceful round. And the six players didn't disappoint us, by playing some of the most boring round ever seen on the chess scene. There is really little to say about today's games, so let's try to analyze how this event went for each of the top guys participating. Magnus: what to say, he wins each and every event he participates in. He belongs to a different league, and it will probably be years before anyone can worry Carlsen. Nakamura: a solid tournament. He had his moment of glory for beating Magnus in the first round, but after that, it was like Nakamura'd got all he wanted from this event, and played being very careful about not losing games. Hikaru gets an honorable second place, far, far away from the King. Karjakin: we can only hope Sergey decided to hold back and hide all his preparation, otherwise the WC match will be a one-way business. The Russian played badly, without any apparent justification. Wei Yi: great event for the 17-year-old Chinese prodigy, who showed he can compete with the top guys. Well done. Giri: a disaster. Anish went through a real nightmare, playing what must be the worst top event he's participated in so far. Anish is a talented young man, and we know he will be able to come back strong and ready to win. Wesley So had a relatively solid event, though without much sparkling. We could say, with a too-easy play of words, that it was just so-so for the American GM. ICC wants to say thank you to all the followers, the commentators and the people who have worked to make this coverage happen. See you all soon!

Today we have NINE winners in the GTR contest: Pancake, Fork, cool64chess, TallTower, ECP, AbsoluteZero, Radja, nikenwidiartto, bennywins. Well done!

The winner of the GOTD TRIVIA contest is smeagol. Congratulations!

The OVERALL winner of the GTR contest is Radja! Bravo!