Added on 7/17/2016

GM Ron W Henley video recap 

A tenacious and precise Giri today stopped the Carlsen-locomotive, holding the amazing Norwegian to a draw. Magnus went for a Queen Gambit accepted, an opening that he has played a couple of times in his career, and in Blitz games. Magnus' preparation showed to be very good, and he was able to play aggressively. But Anish, against whom the World Champion has never won a classical game, defended superbly, dodging all the bullets Magnus tried to shoot at him. Then Magnus tried to use his strangling technique in the endgame, but again Giri was able to play all the best - and often only - moves, and the world Champion had to give up and accept the fate: the game was a draw.

Giri maintains his plus record against Carlsen, and there are not many players around that can brag about that! Wei Yu and Wesley So played a solid game. Wesley tried to get an advantage, but the Chinese talent held the fort, and the game ended in a draw.

Nakamura and Karjakin drew a short but interesting game. Nakamura played the opening aggressively, but Karjakin showed that his preparation is more than just solid. The game ended with a repetition of moves, that analysis showed be inevitable. Tomorrow is the only rest day, halfway the tournament. Play resumes Tuesday, July the 19th.  Magnus still leads, with the standings unchanged. 

Today we have SIX winners in the GTR contest: arnav311004, cool64chess, Jude, nikenwidiartto, Fork and Radja. Well done!

The winner of the GOTD TRIVIA contest is AbsoluteZero. Congratulations!