Added on 10/7/2020

GM Miguel Illescas, after a short break, is back! His new video series is about one of the most satisfying moments a player can have at the board: checkmate. The series is thought to be useful for players whose rating is in the 1400-2000 range, but every chess player can enjoy these videos. GM Miguel is not going to show us a long list of checkmate examples, though. The intent of the series is to teach patterns. Knowing the patterns that lead to the ultimate chess result is fundamental in the process of becoming a strong chess player. Here is what GM Illescas wrote to present his new feat: Hello! I am Grandmaster Miguel Illescas, welcome to "Top 10 checkmate patterns"! As giving checkmate is the main objective of the game, I decided to record a video series that approach this theme from a universal perspective, mainly didactical, but also entertaining, with historical references and funny anecdotes. The selection includes all famous mates, as well as the most useful checkmating patterns. I explain the origins, the theoretical fundamentals, and the practical importance of each checkmate. This last aspect is illustrated with specific game examples in which each mate, or the threat of mate, has a crucial effect on the outcome of the game. I have included exercises in every chapter so that the reader can practice the skills he has learned. This material is appropriate both for beginners and club players, and even the most seasoned chess players will find some new and interesting ideas for their own games. My main objective as an author has been to make sure that, in addition to learning, readers will enjoy a good time in front of the screen. Starting today, October 7th, 2020, and every Wednesday at 6 PM EST, ICC publishes a new video of the series. ICC Members have FREE access to the videos! If you are not a member, CREATE A FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT NOW! The first month is on us. No obligations after 30 days if you're not satisfied.