Added on 8/8/2013

There can be only one! And this time it won't be Connor Macleod, but one of 128 strong participants to the 2013 World Cup in Tromso, Norway, from August the 11th to September the 13th. Ding Liren is the only player among the first 30 (excluding the two knights that will battle for the Title in November) who will miss this super-strong Ko event. Congratulations to Vladimir Kramnik!

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4.1 August 20   GM Lars Bo Hansen   DonCorleone 4.2 August 21   GM Joel Benjamin   MrHat 4.3 August 22   GM Varuzhan Akobian   SCORPION83 5.1 August 23   GM Joel Benjamin   MrHat 5.2 August 24   GM Varuzhan Akobian   SCORPION83 5.3 August 25   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 6.1 August 26   GM Joel Benjamin   MrHat 6.2 August 27   GM John Fedorowicz   bronxbattler 6.3 August 28   GM Ben Finegold   Finegold 7.1 August 30   GM Lars Bo Hansen   DonCorleone 7.2 August 31   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 7.3 September 01   GM Varuzhan Akobian   SCORPION83 7.4 September 02   GM David Smerdon   smurfo


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