Added on 1/29/2020

With this new feat, GM Davorin Kuljasevic decided to do something slightly different. In his previous courses, Davorin explained how to play in Closed Positions and how to improve one's Calculation skills. Both courses, which had great success, were based on the "canonic" way of thinking. Our GM explained ideas and principles on how to play certain types of positions. In this innovative course, GM Kuljasevic will look at the exceptions to the rules. He is going to show you solutions to problems that are not standard, teaching you how to think outside of the box. While it may sound strange to go against the rules, counter-intuitive thinking is a powerful weapon when the situation allows us to go against common sense, making decisions that could lead us to a much better position. This specific area of chess has not been explored enough, and Davorin is going to offer you a new way to look at the board!

In the course, GM Kuljasevic covers many areas: opening, middlegame, positional and tactical play, endgame, and in general, all those situations where a non-standard and counter-intuitive approach can lead to making the "best" move. 

Here is a famous example:

In the game Vitiugov vs. Caruana, Fabiano played Qd7 in the first stage of the opening.

This move - apparently - makes no sense, and it seems to go against all the principles and the standard rules we try to respect in the opening.

In the first chapter of the course, Davorin explains why this is a great move.

The course consists of nine chapters:

1 Counter-intuitive thinking in the Opening 2 Conditioned reflex 3 Unusual piece maneuvers 4 The brave King 5 Counter-intuitive piece exchanges 6 Counter-intuitive tactical decisions 7 Counter-intuitive decisions regarding the pawn structure 8 Violating positional principles 9 Counter-intuitive decisions in endgames

ICC members will be able to solve quizzes for each video in the Learning Center!

Watch the intro video, with Davorin explaining in more detail what he will be teaching you in the course!