Added on 7/19/2013

The Realm of King Vlad - 2013 Edition. Ten-times champion Vladimir Kramnik will again be the man to beat at the Sparkassen Chess Meeting this year. From july 26 to August 4 the 9-round Round Robin tournament is going to take place in Dortmund, Germany. ICC will follow the event with the live games relayed and the recap video service.  Games start at 9:15am ICC time (EDT) - Last round at 7:15am.  

Game Of the Day



1 July 26   GM Lars Bo Hansen   DonCorleone 2 July 27   GM Ronen Har-Zvi   Indiana-Jones 3 July 28   GM John Fedorowicz   bronxbattler 4 July 29   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 5 July 30   GM Joel Benjamin   MrHat 6 August 1   GM Larry Christiansen   LarryC 7 August 2    GM Joel Benjamin   MrHat 8 August 3   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 9 August 4   GM Lars Bo Hansen   DonCorleone


Participants GM Vladimir Kramnik   2803 (RUS) GM Fabiano Caruana 2774 (ITA) GM Peter Leko 2737 (HUN) GM Wang Hao 2756 (CHN) GM Dmitry Andreikin 2713 (RUS) GM Michael Adams 2740 (ENG) GM Arkadij Naiditsch 2710 (GER) GM Daniel Fridman 2629 (GER) GM Georg Meier 2633 (GER) GM Igor Khenkin 2601 (GER)


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