Added on 11/7/2015

We’re going to change format to GM Yermolinsky’s LIVE show. As most of you know, GM Alex holds a LIVE show on ICC’s YouTube channel twice a month. So far, Alex has briefed us on the current important chess events, and it’s been really enjoyable. We know GM Yermolinsky’s excellent analysis skills, and his opinions are always interesting to listen to.

But now, Alex wants interactivity!

We’re going to ask YOU, the ICC people, to submit a subject you’d like Yermo to tackle during his live show. It can be a game you played and want the GM to go over it with you; you love Kramnik’s games, but there is that one game you can’t understand; you want Yermo to discuss about this new short time controls, that are being experimented in some important events; you think Caruana is better than Carlsen, and you have PROOF of it, therefore you want to discuss this with Alex. You may even want to get on the air with the GM (LIVE)! Or, why not, something outrageous:  Rubinstein was a bad rook endgame player; Nimzo didn’t understand positional chess ; Tal was bad in tactics.

You can submit your subject by posting on this forum thread.

If you need to get a game or more to Alex, please upload them to your personal library and specify their location in your post. If you need help with this, contact "Lyon" online or via email:

But this is not all. If your subject is chosen by Yermo, you’ll be rewarded with 2 FREE MONTHS of membership!

Remember: the dead-line to submit your subject is midnight of the Sunday before the show! You can check the schedule HERE

Let’s go interactive!