Added on 7/5/2022

The most-awaited tournament of the year took place in Madrid, Spain. Check our ARTICLE to learn more about the participants and the background of the tournament. During the rest days, ICC will have GM Illescas and GM Yermolinsky recap the rounds. The Tournament is over and the winner is Ian Nepomniachtchi, for the second time in a row. Ian won with one round to spare, drawing Richard Rapport and securing his leadership. In the last round, all eyes were pointed to the game Ding vs. Nakamura. The American was second, and this might be important, in the hypothesis Magnus Carlsen would not defend his crown, as the Norvegian has hinted more than once. Indeed, according to FIDE's regulations, in case the Champion refuses to play to defend the title, the winner and the runner-up of the Candidates will play a match to determine the new World Champion. Now, it's hard to believe that Carlsen won't play Nepo for the second time, but of course, his words gave the second place in this Candidates some more importance and meaning. Watch GM Illescas's video and see how it all ended!