Added on 9/16/2013

The last tournament of the FIDE Grand Prix 2012-2013 took place in Paris, France, from September 22 to October 4. Caruana and Gelfand shared first.

Crosstable. It's tough for Caruana to accept this result. He shares first with Gelfand, but this wonderful result is not enough for him to qualify for the 2014 Candidates Tournament. Fabiano needed to win the 6th stage of the FIDE Grand Prix clear first, to grab the 170 points at stake and overtake Mamedyarov in second place in the overall GP standings. the 155 points he gained in Paris took him up to 380, 10 points short.  

Game Of the Day 1 September 22   GM Lars Bo Hansen   DonCorleone 2 September 23   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 3 September 24   GM John Fedorowicz   bronxbattler 4 September 25   GM Joel Benjamin   MrHat 5 September 27   GM Larry Christiansen   LarryC 6 September 28   GM Ronen Har-Zvi   Indiana-Jones 7 September 29   GM Varuzhan Akobian   SCORPION83 8 September 30   GM Ben Finegold   Finegold 9 October 02   GM Joel Benjamin   MrHat 10 October 03   GM Alex Yermolnsky   Sweere 11 October 04   GM Larry Christiansen   LarryC


Participants GM Alexander Grischuk    2785 RUS GM Fabiano Caruana 2779 ITA GM Hikaru Nakamura 2772 USA GM Boris Gelfand 2764 ISR GM Leinier Dominguez     2757 CUB GM Ruslan Ponomariov     2756 UKR GM Anish Giri            2737 NED GM Hao Wang              2736 CHN GM Vassily Ivanchuk      2731 UKR GM Etienne Bacrot 2723 FRA GM Laurent Fressinet     2708 FRA GM Evgeny Tomashevsky     2703 RUS