Added on 11/12/2016

The World Championship Match started, and every single chess lover has finally had the chance to enjoy this much-awaited event. The first game was a draw, as many expected it to be. The two chess giants are for sure very well prepared, and it will not be easy to see huge mistakes happening in these 12 games.  

We all know Magnus Carlsen, and his strength in apparently drawn position, but Sergey Karjakin is not a player that can get ground down easily. As GM Ronen Har-Zvi tells us in his analysis, Carlsen seemed to have the up-hand at move 20, and who knows, he could have dared to play g4, and see if that was enough to make KArjkain's position lose its balance. Here is GM Ronen's video analysis (5-minute preview) The winner of the GOTD TRIVIA for Game 1 is estralita. estralita wins a 12-month subscription to the Digital edition of the New in Chess Magazine. Well done!