Added on 11/26/2016

Game 11 was a relatively short and not very complicated game. Well, at least if compared with Game 10! People wonder who is this draw going to favor. Is Carlsen trying to win the last game, that he's playing with White? Or does he feel that he can draw pretty easily with white, and then get into Rapid/Blitz, where in theory he's much better than the challenger? We will probably never know the answers. One this is for sure: this match, that many of us had labeled as boring, turned out to be very exciting. On the fairness of the fact that a World Championship should be decided by a couple of blitz games, there would be a lot to reason and consider, but let's see what happens in the last game before we start ranting about it! tomorrow is a rest day. Game 12 starts on Monday, November the 28th, at 2PM EST.


Here is a 5-minute preview of GM John Fedorowicz's analysis of the game.


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