Added on 11/28/2016

It's hard to say anything about today's game. Of course, we could say that the players are tense, tired, under unbelievable pressure, and neither wanted to risk anything in the last game. A loss today would have been the end of it. Yet, 40 minutes of games for a dull draw is a bit too much. anyway, the two warriors decided that the World Championship Match will be decided on Wednesday, when they will sit in front of each other for the last time in this match, to play rapid and blitz. Namely, it will be four Rapid games at 25 10. All the 4 games must be played, unless after 3 games the score is 2.5 to 0.5. If still tied after the rapids, the players will go into Blitz. 2 games at 5 3. If still tied, again two games of blitz at 5 3 for a maximum of 10 blitz games in total. If after the 10 blitz games the players are still tied, the (in)famous Armageddon game will take place: white gets 5 minutes, black 4 minutes, with black having draw odds. Carlsen will start the rapid games playing black. Magnus is again the favorite, if we look at the past results. He's arguably the strongest rapid player in the world, but Karajan is not that far from the Champion. We all, before the battle started, predicted an easy match for Carlsen, remember? Well looking at how it went so far, every result is possible. 


Here is a 5-minute preview of GM Larry Christiansen's analysis of the game.


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