Added on 11/14/2016

After two "quiet" draws, the World Championship Match has exploded into a rollercoaster! Almost seven hours of a fierce battle between the two foes, with Carlsen pushing hard to win, and Karjakin showing all his legendary prowess at defending. The game has been a long struggle. Carlsen started playing a rare variation of the Ruy Lopez, with 10.Re2 instead of the canonic 10.Re1. this move pushed Karjakin into deep thinking, but then the Russian chess wizard resolved all the issues, balancing the game.The game then looked like it was leading to another quiet draw, but Carlsen, with his amazing resilience, kept playing on and on, trying his "strangling" technique. And he was almost succeeding toward the end of the long game, but Karjakin kept defending with all he had. At the end Carlsen, after having been in advantage, played some imprecise moves and had to accept the draw. A very exciting game in New York City!

Here is GM Larry Christiansen video analysis of the game (5-minute preview).


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