Added on 11/18/2016

Half the games gone, and the score is perfectly equal:3.0-3.0 with 6 draws. The World championship Match is now being played over 6 games, and Karjakin starts with white. Today the amazing preparation that the two players have been showing so far was even more evident. They didn't even analyze the games after it ended: it was all pretty much forced. The fans are getting a bit restless, but we should not forget that so many matches for the crown have gone on and on with draw after draw, to then fire up and become a blood bath. The Ruy Lopez seems to be the thematic opening of this match, though in different variations. The players are trying hard to avoid the Marshall, that's for sure. Carlsen in the press conference said he didn't feel this be the day to try something. Let's hope he will feel the day has arrived soon, because all these draws are encouraging Karjakin, at least on a psychological level. Karjakin is the underdog, and his strategy is working: Carlsen can't find a way to break the Russian's amazing resilience. People are already starting to think who would be favorite in case of tiebreaks. I'd say it's a bit premature. Let's first see what the players will do in the second half of the match.  

Here is a 5-minute preview of GM Ronen Harzi's analysis of Game 6.


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