Added on 10/8/2016

Sometimes it takes courage to change.

GM Joel Benjamin, one of the finest analysts of the game, has been the protagonist of ICC's Fridays for 435 weeks, with his acclaimed show "Game Of the Week". In the last nine years, ICC has published Joel's weekly show, taking its members to a journey through modern chess history. We've witnessed the rise of talents such as Carlsen, Caruana, Nakamura,Nepomniachtchi, Giri, So, Aronian, and many others. Joel, with his tributes,  has accompanied to their last trip late Masters of the Game like Vugar Gashimov, Walter Browne, Emory Tate, Viktor Korchnoi. With his unmistakable and brilliant style, GM Benjamin has been showing the best games played in the last decade.

But at ICC we are always trying to make it even better. So, ICC asked Joel to do more for its members. Starting this Saturday, Joel will recap the chess week for you, in his new feat "GM Joel's Chess Week Recap". your busy life doesn't allow to follow closely the frantic chess world? No worries! Tune-in every Saturday at 6PM EST to find Joel's video recap, with analysis and comments on the major events of the last seven days! The best way to keep up with the fast world of your beloved game! Watch here the first episode of this new, amazing show!