Added on 10/28/2017



Photo copyright Webster University


GM Alex Yermolinsky participated in the Spice Cup, a strong open held in St. Louis and organized by the famous GM Susan Polgar. GM Yermo shared 4th overall (and won the Senior section), playing a good event.

Today, in his bimonthly live show, Alex told us about his 4th round game against the young and strong US GM Sam Sevian.  

Photo copyright Webster University GM Alex Yermolinsky and GM Sam Sevian


The analysis provided by GM Alex is top-notch, as usual, but the thing that makes this show remarkable is the human aspects that the GM discusses. It is not easy for a Senior to endure the stress that open tournaments inevitably bring upon you. Teo or three games a day is a demanding task. Yermo told us about the limitations that age brings upon you, including the psychological aspects of it: "It's hard to stay positive on your chess when you dwell in your past and your mistakes." But Alex, at 59, is still a fierce fighter.  Until round 4, GM Yermo wasn't happy about his performance.  Round 4 game was the tables turner for him, and he actually lost it! But Alex's spirit and love for the game helped him take the loss as a boost. After all, he could have won the game, and anyway, he had been able to fight with a strong and young GM until the play over increment.

GM Yermolinsky annotated this fantastic game for us:  


Here is the game:


Click HERE to download the PGN with GM Alex Yermolinsky's annotation.