Added on 8/28/2017

Almost everyone who uses a personal computer is, in a way, Googlized. We use our Google account to keep connected to the rest of the world, to move preferences, bookmarks, and many other things from a computer to another. Google Calendar is a powerful and versatile tool, which allows you to plan your tasks and keep them under control. You can set reminders, use it on your mobile device.  Not to mention that you can import full calendars or single events, and make yours someone else's schedule.   This is why ICC decided to implement its own Google Calendar, making it public, available to whoever wants to stay updated about the numerous events ICC offers to its members. We have created four calendars: Live Events; Relayed Events; Tournaments; Videos. 

You can choose to show only the ones you’re interested in and can subscribe to one or all in your calendar.  

Now, you have no excuse! You just can't miss ICC's amazing events.