Added on 12/2/2020

GM Ron W. Henley is a very well-known chess coach who's been collaborating with the Internet Chess Club for years now. Ron was Chief Trainer in 9 matches for World Champion Anatoly Karpov. He also worked with GMs Hikaru Nakamura and Irina Krush early in their careers. He has won several international events and produced numerous educational chess books and videos available at ICC. One of the best video series GM Henley has created for the ICC is Rook Endings!, an amazing 14-video series to learn how to master this difficult piece of chess theory. Now, under the name of his company, "HenChess," GM Henley is going to STREAM LIVE! Every Thursday, at 6 PM EST, GM Henley will be LIVE on Twitch. Please join us for ICC presents Henchess, a live streaming chess show featuring Grandmaster Ron W. Henley. Shows will primarily include the exclusive opportunity for ICC Members to challenge GM Henley in Banter Blitz games. To challenge GM Henley, type in your main console /match HenChess 3 0 u     or    /match HenChess 5 0 u Enjoy!

Henchess shows may feature short gamer or chess personality interviews and participation and instructive demos of ICC tools such as the training bots and ICC Chess Academy, along with discussions of current chess events! We will also do chess video or book reviews and discuss chess in the mainstream media!  Don't miss the show! Every Thursday, at 6 PM EST.