Added on 1/30/2013

ICC is going to hold an important event: We're not talking about super GM events, no. This is about life and one of our members in need. ICC is a community of people and very much like a family that truly cares about one another. GM Yuri Vovk approached me some days ago, and asked if we could do something to help 19-year-old Russian WIM Maria Butuc. Her mom has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Maria is the only person in the family able to help her mother, so we have decided to hold a charity simul, to raise funds to help with the needed treatment.

GM Pavel Eljanov (2688 FIDE) has offered to host a simul on ICC. Pavel proves once more to be not only a superb chess player, but also a caring person. The simul will be held Sunday, February 3rd, at 2pm ICC time. To participate, and offer your hand to help Maria's mother, you need to offer a minimum of 20 chekels (US dollars) to BrianSP, our office manager. If you need instructions on how to buy chekels and offer them to BrianSP, please contact Lyon online, email me at or log into ICC and type /help chekels then follow the instructions. Seats will be limited to 30 players. Those who have donated the most will be awarded the first seats. Those who donate but fail to participate, feel free to email me a ICC is proud to be able to help a fellow chess player who's facing a hard time, and I want to personally say THANK YOU to all those who will participate. Note: In addition, ICC will be making a substantial donation too.

The event has been a success.

On behalf of WM Maria Butuc I want personally thank you all, and a BIG THANK YOU to GM Pavel Eljanov, who has so very kindly held the simultaneous exhibition in ICC. Sandro Leonori Lyon in ICC