Added on 3/30/2017

The ICC Open 2017, the most awaited online tournament of the year, is moving to the last two qualifiers! The second weekend is over, and the ICC Open 2017 is a crescendo of emotions and entertainment for hundreds of chess players of all levels. Strong GMs fighting for a place in the 32-player KO - which will take place April the 22nd and will determine the four semifinalists - and amateurs ready to fight to the last pawn to win and then go on boasting of their success in the tournament's official channel. On Saturday, April the 25th, the 3rd qualifier saw the participation of 542 players! Four pretty strong blitzers clinched the top spots, to move on to the KO tournament:

GM Vladislav Artemiev (RUS), GM Aleksandr Bortnik (UKR), GM Eduardo Iturrizaga (VEN) and GM Zaven Andriasyan (ARM). On Sunday, April the 26th, the 4th qualifier took place at 2 PM EDT, again with hundreds of players participating.

Other four strong players emerged victoriously, earning the chance to play in the big KO event: GM Carlos Ibarra (ESP), GM Francesco Rambaldi (ITA), IM Stefan Kuipers (NED) and FM Sebastian Horgen Mihajlov (NOR). Here is the schedule for the next Qualifiers:

Qualifier 5:      Saturday, April 1, at 2pm EDT (20:00 Europe) Qualifier 6:      Sunday, April 2, at 7pm EDT (Monday, 01:00 Europe) Knock-Out:      Saturday, April 22, at 2pm EDT (20:00 Europe) - KO with 32 players (24 from the qualifiers plus 8 seeded players) Finals:             Sunday, April 23, at 2pm EDT (20:00 Europe) - Semifinals with 4 players and Final match (5 games at 3 0 and 5 games at 3 2)

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