Added on 4/8/2021

ICC Blitz Tournament $2,000 in prizes including a $1,000 Random Giveaway prize anyone can win!   TOURNAMENT RESULTS Grand Prize Drawings  


Tournament Details

ICC Open Doors Blitz Tournament Time Control: 5 min + 3 sec inc Rounds: 9 When: Sunday, April 11 at 2 PM EDT New York Time (3 PM Sao Paolo, 8 PM Paris)

Prize Details

1st place prize: $300 2nd place prize: $250 3rd place prize: $150

Random Giveaways:  1 x Chessbase 16 at $150 15 x 3 Month ICC memberships at $25 = $375


Complete rules are posted HERE.

Important: to be eligible for prizes you must play using our web interface here 

How to Play First, sign up by clicking here. Next, login to our web-based play page here. On the page click the Member Login button, enter your credentials and log in. No additional steps needed, just log in and wait to be paired!

If you do not remember your ICC password, you can request it here. If you need further assistance, please reply to this email.