Added on 9/12/2022

A fellow ICC admin posted on Facebook: "Alireza is the Alcaraz of Chess." And it's true. The young Frenchman won the Sinquefield Cup and the whole Grand Chess Tour, and the young Spaniard won his first Grand slam tournament in New York. Alireza is now 4th in the rating list, whereas his tennis player peer conquered the numero uno position in the ATP rank!

(AP Photo/John Minchillo) Are we witnessing a generational change? Well, these two important achievements were slightly tainted by Magnus Carlsen withdrawing from the Sinquefield Cup and Novak Djokovic being forced to renounce the U.S. Open due to his choice about the Covid-19 vaccine.  It's normal to think it is easier to emerge with the two numeri uno out of play. But we should not forget that many of the best players in the world were there, trying to give their best. Polemics aside, the two 19-year-old champions are creating more and more interest and gaining a lot of fans. Alireza Firojuzia, after some not-so-brilliant performances, arrived in St. Louis in good form and expressed all his immense talent and preparation to win the tournament. He had also won the Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz held in late August. "In general, the Grand Chess Tour is the toughest tour in the history of chess, I think, so to win it is an amazing feeling, and I could not be happier," said the young talent after securing the win, drawing MVL in the last round. Congratulations, Alireza! Photo Grand Chess Tour