Added on 4/1/2022

The 3rd leg of the FIDE Grand Prix is at its final stage! The semifinals saw four players emerge victorious from the pools: Nakamura, Mamedyarov, Wesley So, and Tabatabaei. Nakamura lost his first game of the pools with Levon Aronian, and he needed to get revenge the second time around of the double round-robin. Then he defeated Oparin and Esipenko to win his group with 4.0/6. Wesley So went to the tiebreaks and defeated his fellow American Sam Shankland. Mamedyarov also had to play the tiebreaks, defeating the young and strong German GM Vincent Keymer. In the final group, there was a surprise with the young Iranian Amin Tabatabei winning the pool with a score of 3.5/6. The semifinals saw Nakamura vs. Mamedyarov and Wesley So vs. Tabatabaei. After the two classic games left the players tied - but in a very different way! - today, April 1st, they went on playing the tiebreaks. Watch the video, and enjoy Joel's analysis and comments! And don't miss the first game of the finals tomorrow, April the 2nd, at 9 AM EDT - 15:00 CEST - 13:00 UTC.