Added on 5/25/2020

He's back!

So many of you have sent in inquiries about why the ICC stopped publishing GM Benjamin's popular show "Chess Week Recap.".

Well, the reasons are mainly two: the pandemic that spread at the beginning of March put a halt to all live tournaments, even interrupting the FIDE Candidates' after only seven rounds; with no games being played, keeping up with a show based on the most exciting games of the week wasn't exactly easy; the second, and most important reason, is that we thought that it was time to ask our GM to do that he does best: teach chess!

GM Benjamin is a fantastic coach, and he's been teaching chess for... we won't reveal how many years, but it's a LOT!

To make it even more useful, we decided to address the mid-level players, who constitute the majority of the ICC's members. Not that such a course on what Joel, playing on words, calls "Need to Know Basics," would not be beneficial for beginners or even advanced players!

How many times have we found ourselves staring at the board, with an apparently easy position, without having the faintest idea of how to proceed? We know that the win is there, but it's impossible to come up with the right idea, probably only for we don't know the technique to pull out the win.

And here is YOUR video-series, then!

Joel makes you understand how to tackle a position, with his incredible and super-clear way to explain chess ideas and concepts.

Don't miss this new, exciting, and useful feat by GM Joel Benjamin! 

Watch the videos to get your game one of five notches up. 

In the first video of the series, GM Benjamin explains to us how to handle rook endings. Do you know how to win this position with the white pieces?

Sounds like boring stuff? Try following his advice in the video, and you'll see that it's not boring at all! If you do not have an ICC account, get a one-month FREE trial! Youll be able to enjoy this video and thousands more!