Added on 2/1/2018

        "Here is the February 2018 schedule for ICC TV! Join us this month and become a star on ICC and YouTube!"    - GM Joel Benjamin


02/04 Sunday 6PM GM David Smerdon Banter Blitz 02/08 Thursday 3PM GM Alex Yermolinskyn Every Russian Schoolboy Knows! 02/10 Saturday 2PM IM Christof Sielecki SimulMaster! 02/19 Monday 4PM GM Ronen Har-Zvi Time Odds! 02/21 Wednesday 10AM GM Joel Benjamin Banter Blitz 02/22 Thursday 3PM GM Alex Yermolinskyn Every Russian Schoolboy Knows! 02/24 Saturday 2PM GM John Fedorowicz SimulMaster!

Previous events can be found HERE

Instructions to participate in the Simuls:

BLITZIN/DASHER users 1) Join the simul channel (ch 3). In the chat area (console) just type: /+channel 3 2) Once the simul is open, type: /tell simulbot join

ICC for Mac/windows users 1) Go the the Channel list button upper right-hand corner, and add the “Simul” 2) Go to menu item VIEW->CONSOLE and type: /tell simulbot join

For the Blitz Banter sessions, you need to type in your console:

/match 3 2 u -- for example: /match LarryC 3 2 u.

Usernames of event givers:

John Federowicz -> bronxbattler Christof Sielecki -> Chessexplained Joel Benjamin -> MrHat David Smerdon -> smurfo Tryfon Gavriel -> Kingscrusher Max Dlugy -> Dlugy Ronen Har-Zvi -> Indiana-Jones

An admin will announce in channel 3 when you can match the GM.  The system used in this case is first in-first served:  the first 15 players to match the GM will play him.