Added on 9/27/2022

World Champion Magnus Carlsen, after a long silence on the socials, has published an official statement on his Twitter account: Immediately, thousands of comments were posted to discuss Carlsen's statement, and the chess people are still debating on Twitter and Facebook. Some commentators think this is a weak statement, as Carlsen doesn't bring in any proof, saying, "I believe Niemann cheated," which, of course, is not something people will accept as truth. On the other hand, some believe the World Champion and are ready to condemn Niemann. Probably this statement won't lead to anywhere new, but at least Carlsen has made one point very clear: he won't play ANY player who's cheated in the past (online or OTB). And now, clearly, the ball is on Hans's court. We can't wait to see this drama unravel.