Added on 1/9/2020

GM Misa Pap


GM Misa Pap is a new contributor to the Internet Chess Club. Grandmaster since 2011, Misa has been a chess coach for 20+ years, and now he's decided to put all his invaluable experience into a brand new exciting video series! Make the right Decisions in Critical Positions! What does that mean? Isn't every move in chess a "decision"? Yes, of course! But some moves in certain positions are more critical. Typically, these vital moments happen in the middle game, which is one of the least-studied parts of the game in chess literature. How many times we - knowing pretty well an opening - play it almost automatically, to find ourselves lost when it comes to formulating a plan in the middle game? That is the exact moment when a wrong decision may compromise all our efforts to come out of the opening in a good position. The first step is being able to recognize a critical position. Not an easy task, but it can be taught. A crucial position in the middle game happens when there is the possibility of exchanging pieces or changing the pawn structure. Also, such a situation - which requires new evaluation - occurs after a forced line, no matter how long. Every time we need to reassess our position, it's time to check whether it's a critical moment. And if it is, we need to make the right decision, or we'll find ourselves in dire straits. In this very instructive video-series, GM Misa helps you get the essence of the middle game, and improve the general understanding of a position, to "make the right decision!". A Learning Center course is being implemented, with text, annotated games, and quizzes!  Here is the intro video. Enjoy!