Added on 10/20/2022

Hans Moke Niemann, the 19-years-old American Grandmaster who has been the object of almost every chess-related discussion in the last few weeks, decided to sue Magnus Carlsen, the Play Magnus Group,, Daniel Rensch, and Hikaru Nakamura. Hans announced it via Twitter: The young American GM is represented by Oved & Oved and Gartner Firm. Niemann is suing the defendants for a minimum of $400,000,000. The full complaint can be read HERE. Niemann's attorneys didn't use the white-glove treatment to address Magnus and the others. Here are some excerpts from the 44-page complaint: "Over the years, Play Magnus has grown into one of the two largest online chess companies in the world, second only to the multi-billion-dollar behemoth, LLC (“”). In August 2022, agreed to acquire Play Magnus for nearly $83 million and merge the two companies in order to monopolize the chess world. Carlsen, having solidified his position as the “King of Chess,” believes that when it comes to chess, he can do whatever he wants and get away with it.". (...)

7. Notably, this was not the first time that Niemann beat Carlsen at chess, just the first time he did so at a FIDE-sanctioned event. Niemann’s upset victory effectively dashed Carlsen’s two remaining statistical ambitions, namely: achieving a 2900 FIDE performance rating for the first time in history; and breaking his own world-record unbeaten streak in FIDE-sanctioned events. These accomplishments, if achieved, would have solidified Carlsen as arguably the greatest chess player of all time and made his burgeoning chess empire even more valuable. Making matters worse for Carlsen, Niemann embarrassed Carlsen by playfully taunting him during his post-match interview.

8. Notorious for his inability to cope with defeat, Carlsen snapped. Enraged that the young Niemann, fully 12 years his junior, dared to disrespect the “King of Chess,” and fearful that the young prodigy would further blemish his multi-million dollar brand by beating him again, Carlsen viciously and maliciously retaliated against Niemann by falsely accusing Niemann, without any evidence, of somehow cheating during their in-person game and demanding that the organizers of the Sinquefield Cup immediately disqualify Niemann from the tournament. Somehow, after Magnus's accusations and nobody could prove that Nieman cheated in that (in)famous game at the Sinquefield Cup, many observers were expecting this move by the American. Needless to say, Twitter and socials are exploding with comments. And, as it's been in these weeks of chess drama, people are divided into two factions.  A Pool on Twitter seems to show that Carlsen has more supporters than Niemann: The chess drama continues...