Added on 6/16/2017

Levon Aronian is back. The 35 years old Armenian lion played a fantastic tournament and won it a full point clear ahead of Nakamura and Kramnik. Aronian beat Carlsen and Kramnik in this event, getting back to #4 on the live rating list. Congratulations, Levon!

Hikaru Nakamura, who had the chance to tie for first with Aronian, lost to Caruana. Fabiano, who's not been brilliant in this tournament, showed that he is still able to defeat his super-GM peers. 

Kramnik won a miniature game against Giri. Giri today showed an interesting, if not dangerous, approach to the game: throw all the pieces to your opponent, close your eyes and pray. Unfortunately for Anish, it didn't work, and the Russian ex-world champion punished his young colleague quite severely. 

On a final note, Wesley So drew all the nine games, which is not usual for the American talent, and Carlsen played one of his worst tournaments ever. After the blitz galore that the World Champion dominated with apparent ease, Magnus looked almost "switched off," out of form like we haven't seen him in a decade. He will be back stronger than ever, of course. But for now, probably Magnus needs to find again his motivations, and get hungry again. Good luck, Magnus.