Added on 6/7/2017

Take the first ten players on the FIDE list, put them together in a playing hall, give them chess sets and clock, and hope for fireworks. Well, it isn't really the way it's going in Stavanger, Norway.  Eight draws out of ten games is not exactly a firework show, though some interesting things are happening. Yesterday it was Nakamura's day, and today it's Kramnik's day. Vladimir faced his old foe Vishy Anand and succeeded in defeating the Indian chess genius.


The two "old-guard" champions have been writing the history of the game in the last 20 years, and this was their 86th game. Kramnik is still trying to get the stats even, but with today's win, he got very close to that. Now the head-to-head reads +8 -9 =69 from the Russian's point of view.  Incidentally, Kramnik becomes the world #2 after today's game, jumping ahead of Wesley So of 0.2 points! In the era of live stats, we're able to know subtleties like this one in real time, in this case, thanks to

GM Yermolinsky shares with us his thoughts and analysis in a fantastic recap video.