Added on 6/14/2017

The Italian job Looking at the standings after seven rounds, it's more than natural to think "I am not looking at the correct table, it can't be true." It's indeed quite strange to see Magnus Carlsen dwell at the bottom of the list, with only 2.5 points. Vachier-Lagrave, who shares the last place with the World Champion, has had up-and-down results, but Magnus is probably having the worst tournament in years. Kramnik today played a good game, but Carlsen is the shadow of the brilliant player we used to know. It was seven years since the last time Vladimir beat Magnus. Of course, we're talking about the best ten players in the world, and all it needs to sink is play just a little worse or less incisively than usual.

Aronian is playing a great event, and after today's win leads solo, with a stunning 5/7. That is three wins and four draws. Levon shows a great state of form, and with two rounds to go is the favorite to win this historic tournament.   Today his victim was former Candidate Sergey Karjakin, who is not having a splendid tournament in Stavanger.

In this exciting day, the third decisive game was the first win of the event for Anish Giri, who defeated the French GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave.

The Live rating list shows a new and almost unbelievable scenario: only six points divide Carlsen and Kramnik, and for the first time in years Magnus might lose the leadership. Nakamura, who is having a splendid tournament, is ready to get back in the crowded 2800+ club, sporting a fantastic rating of 2796. Hikaru, so far, has gained 11 points. At the end of the Norway Chess Tournament, we could have seven players in the club. How long until the first ten super-GMs will all have a rating over 2800? We could say that 2800 is the new 2700.

Here is IM Voja Milanovic's excellent video recap