Added on 9/6/2013

From September the 9th to the 15th, in S. Louis Missouri, at the amazing Schess Club and Scholastic Center, the two strongest players in the World have joined the two strongest American players, for a fantastic Double Round robin tournament. 

The combatants: Numero Uno Magnus Carlsen from Norway; Armenian super-strong and number two Levon Aronian;   Hikaru the bomb Nakamura, the strongest American player and ICC hero;  Gata Kamsky, number two in the US.


Numero Uno Magnus Carlsen wins the 1st Sinquefield Cup, reaching a stunning 2870 ELO rating -in the live rating list - 74 points ahead of Kramnik, now second in the list. It has been a very exciting event - one of the strongest ever organized in the U.S. - with no short draws and always hard-fought games. This was the last event Magnus participated in before the Championship match in November, that will see the Norwegian genius challenge World Champion Vishy Anand; so, all's well that starts well for Magnus! Carlsen looked confident and his game was "relatively good" as he called it in the interview after last round. Hikaru Nakamura played a good tournament, finishing second. Aronian third and Kamsky, who had a rough event, 4th. ICC has followed the event with Live Radio broadcast and GOTD service. We all hope that there will be many more Sinquefield Cup tournaments in the next years!

Final Standings after Round 6


1 Magnus Carlsen NOR 4.5 2 Hikaru Nakamura USA 3.5 3 Levon Aronian ARM 2.5 4 Gata Kamsky USA 1.5


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Tournament info

Pairing system: Double Round Robin (all play all twice) Time control: Start with 90 minutes                          Add 30 minutes after move 40                          Add 30 Seconds from move one Money Prize: $170,000 - 1st $70,000