Added on 3/30/2020

The pandemic is spreading more and more all over the World, and until the situation gets back to normality, we're asked to stay home. Social distancing seems to be the panacea to stop this invisible menace. This microscopic, yet lethal, virus is changing, at least temporarily, our life. Now, since we're good citizens, we are staying home. Right? And, in the majority of the cases, we need something to help us kill time. Luckily, we live in a time of accessible communication. The Internet allows us to read, discover new things, even see each other using small cameras embedded into our laptops or telephones, buy what we need. And, last but not least, we have Online Chess! All of us, chess lovers, are just a bit luckier than those who don't like or don't know the noble game. The Internet Chess Club, the oldest online chess service in the virtual world, gives you so many opportunities to have fun, learn, make new friends, live the community. All of this, sa va sans dire, while playing chess. On ICC, you can enjoy the impressive VIDEO LIBRARY, with over 3,000(!) instructional videos. The new searching tools make finding what you're searching for quite easy. You can search through the vast video-library by author, by ECO, by Event, and much more. And "author" means chess personalities such as GM Joel Benjamin, GM Alex Yermolinsky, Coach Dan Heisman, GM Larry Christiansen, GM Boris Alterman, GM Susan Polgar, and many more. The recent video-series have a Learning Center Course, with annotated games and Quizzes.

ICC organizes daily tons of online tournaments, even with prizes. Oh, not to mention the USCF RATED online tournaments! Check out ICC's Google Calendar. You can add the events you don't want to miss to your own calendar. The pools allow you to find a game in no time, at the most popular time controls. But, of course, you can play ANY time control you wish even super-slow games.

Do you need a chess teacher? The ICC has many great coaches ready to help you improve your game. The Admins and the Helpers are there to help you understand how to get a game, watch a video, join the community, play in a tournament, etc. Start your FREE trial account today and join us for a whole month. It is  GRATIS! And don't forget to join our community by posting on ICC's forums! Stay safe, everyone!