Added on 8/16/2011

Summer Nights sees most people relaxing by sitting outside in the shade rather than locked in front of a hot computer screen. And many of you will most likely be doing this right now with an iPad nearby - and with the latest update to ICC's iPad App (version 1.5) released last week, you have no excuse now to be checking in on ICC to see what's happening during a long, hot summer of chess!

In our new version of the ICC iPad App "Chess at ICC HD", we've listened to all the feedback (good and bad) and have now have a complete redesignthat will now bring to your fingers the full power of the best online chess service. Click HERE to check it out!

So what's new in Version 1.5 that will keep you all occupied during the late summer?

* Analysis mode. Analyze your games or other completed games with our strong engine. * Chat mode redesign. Chat with friends and watch games at the same time! Get notifications when someone is trying to chat with you. * Country Flags. Find out where your opponent is playing from! Or players of games you're observing. * Player profiles for games you play and observe. * Tournament coverage now includes more information, such as pairings, results, standings, and more! Easy access to official and sponsor websites for more information! * Figurine notation.