Added on 10/11/2020

The 1st Annual Susan Kantor Memorial

All proceeds of your donation/entry fee will be gifted to the US Chess at-risk children's fund, in Susan's memory.

US CHESS Rated Tournament with $1,500 in prizes guaranteed!

The Internet Chess Club (ICC) announces the 1st Annual Susan E. Kantor Memorial Online Chess Tournament to be held on Sunday, October 18, 2020. The event will be an online quick rated, seven-round event (full details at the end of the article) with all proceeds to benefit at-risk youth. This event is being organized by ICC and US Chess is helping to publicize it. 





After Susan Kantor's passing on August 5, ICC President Marty Grund reached out to Susan's husband, Alan Kantor, to offer his condolences. Alan's relationship with ICC goes back nearly 25 years - he was an ICC administrator, volunteer, helper, tournament director, and friend to everyone at ICC.

During Marty and Alan's chat, Alan asked if ICC might run a tournament in Susan's name. Marty's immediate response was "Absolutely!" What Alan did not know was that Marty thought she deserved much more than a mere ICC tournament as a memorial. When Marty broached the idea with Alan of an ICC yearly Memorial with proceeds going to at-risk youth, Alan was all in.

Susan, who worked for US Chess for 15 years, was a fixture of the organization's scholastic program. Marty describes her as "a bright and shining help to ICC when it came to advice, assistance, or just providing a friendly, calming effect when it was needed. She was always available when tournament directors needed help.

"I was not surprised to find out that Susan also had a soft spot for helping at-risk youth. Over the years, ICC has had success in raising funds for at-risk youth in Chicago, and it dawned on me that maybe we could do a fundraiser in her memory along a similar vein," Grund explains.

Alan loved the idea and agreed that raising money for at-risk youth is a perfect way to honor Susan and her legacy. He says "Susan was so loved by everyone she met. When I would go to a tournament, people would tell me how wonderful she was, and it made me feel so good for her. Being modest, she would reply, "I'm just doing my job." And do her job she did. She treated the members like family and would bend over backward to help them.

"I am so excited that ICC is memorializing Susan with this tournament. The family couldn't be more pleased that it will benefit the kids. Susan loved kids - not just her own, and not just her grandkids, but all kids. Even though Susan didn't play in tournaments, her eyes lit up when she would see a little boy or girl playing. It's no wonder she did so much scholastic work for US Chess.

"When I found out when the first annual memorial tournament was going to be held, it meant a lot to the family as October 18 is a special date. Susan's sister, Barbara Joan Maes, pre-deceased her and that date was "Joan's" birthday. Joan was not only a sister - she was a second mother and a confidante to Susan. Susan would be so excited.

"On behalf of Susan's family, we wish to thank the Internet Chess Club."

Susan passed away on August 5, 2020, from lung cancer. Her interest in chess started when her sons Cecil and Charlie Houston took up the game and joined the Cumberland County Chess Club. Susan became close friends with the club's founder, the late National Tournament Director Harry Sabine who encouraged her to apply for a job at US Chess. Susan was employed by US Chess for 15 years, starting out in the accounting department and later becoming a scholastic associate.

If you would like to register for the Susan E. Kantor Memorial Online Chess Tournament or make a donation in her honor that will benefit at-risk youth, please click here -->  Playing the tournament is not mandatory. You may donate without playing.

Tournament Details:

YOU MUST HAVE A VALID USCHESS ID to play this event * Need USChess Membership? Get or Renew US Chess membership HERE * Link my ICC account to my US Chess ID: HERE

PRIZES: $1500 guaranteed prizes.

WHEN: Sunday, October 18. 12 Noon EDT.

WHERE: On the ICC. Use the play page: (Desktops and laptops only. Phones and tablets not allowed!)

ROUNDS: 7 (Seven)

TIME CONTROL: Game 15 + 5


You must be on Zoom (use real name) to be eligible for prizes.

Prizes $250-140-100, top U2200 $160-80, U2000 $140-70, U1800 $120-60, U1600 $100-50, U1400 $80-40, U1200 $70, Unrated $40. 

Log in 30 minutes before start. First round 10/18, 12 noon EDT, 11 am CDT 10 am MDT, 9 am PDT. Other rounds every hour on the hour; should finish by 7 pm EDT. Half point byes: Available all rounds, limit 2 byes, request your bye's at Online Quick rated (will not affect OTB ratings), higher of regular OTB or regular online ratings used for pairings & prizes. WARNING: YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN WHEN PAIRINGS ARE ISSUED, OR YOU WILL NOT BE PAIRED.