Added on 5/30/2013

There is no chance for the top players to take a bit of vacation! Few days after the FIDE Grand Prix in Thessaloniki, Greece, they will gather again in Moscow, for one of the classic tournaments of the year: the Tal Memorial. From June 13-23, some of the best players in the world will play the 8th edition of the tournament which honour the memory of the former World Champion Mikhail Tal, who died in 1992

The peripatetic circus is yet again ready to make all of us chess fans enjoy the game. The line-up is amazing, and promises some fireworks show.

Games start at 7AM ICC time -. Last Round 5AM. ICC will have live coverage of the games, and Radio Broadcast with the GMs Dream team! ICC members will also be provided with GOTD service.     

Donwload all the games in PGN format.

Game Of the Day


1 June 13   GM John Fedorowicz   bronxbattler 2 June 14   GM Gregory Kaidanov   Kaidanov 3 June 15   GM David Smerdon   smurfo 4 June 17   GM Joel Benjamin   MrHat 5 June 18   GM Miguel Illescas   Illescas 6 June 19   GM Larry Christiansen   LarryC 7 June 21   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 8 June 22   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere 9 June 23   GM Alex Yermolinsky   Sweere Radio Broadcast Schedule 1 Thu, June 13 Ronen Har-Zvi John Fedorowicz 2 Fri, June 14 Daniel King Gregory Kaidanov 3 Sat, June 15 Varuzhan Akobian David Smerdon 4 Mon, June 17 Ronen Har-Zvi Joel Benjamin 5 Tue, June 18 Daniel King Miguel Illescas 6 Wed, June 19 Joel Benjamin Larry Christiansen 7 Fri, June 21 Alex Yermolinsky Jonathan Speelman 8 Sat, June 22 Mark Crowther Benjamin Finegold 9 Sun, June 23 AlexYermolinsky Lars Bo Hansen Participants GM Magnus Carlsen 2868  Norway GM Vladimir Kramnik       2811  Russia GM Viswanathan Anand      2783  India GM Hikaru Nakamura        2775  USA GM Fabiano Caruana        2774  Italy GM Sergey Karjakin         2767  Russia GM Alexander Morozevich   2760  Russia GM Boris Gelfand          2744  Israel GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov  2753  Russia GM Dmitry Andreikin       2724  Russia


Tournament Winners

Table from wikipedia


TRIVIA winners 1 Abel Leijona pinak 2 bingram Jonmeista MagPet 3 Gambit101 Deadcatbouncer Excaliber7 4 izit Pagliacci NewYork1924 5 ActiveKids MikeAngelo SudhirT 6 ElScorcho Mataleo ChrisWainscott 7 Abel bioniclime Laurence 8 tknight Leijona ccortese 9 MichaelJordan Leijona Mormegil